Do you avoid writing about yourself?

I get it. You’re running a business and sometimes it can seem a little awkward to talk about yourself. You’d rather just talk about your products and services. Because they’re ah-freakin-mazing.

But so what?

“So what” is how potential clients and community feel when they find your business but they don’t find YOU.

Womp womp.



People are looking for a hook and story — and maybe you doubt that you’ve got that.

Let’s find it together.

What do I know about any of this? Plenty.

I’ve been writing professionally for 26 years. My background includes print journalism, freelance writing and editing, ghostwriting, and working with online business owners. I’ve witnessed how the power of storytelling can move people to action, and I’d love to show you how moving your story can be.

What does a Story Coach DO?

Here’s what we’ll do:

90-minute video call

I’ll interview you as if I’m writing a story about you; it’ll be a casual, guided conversation, much like a podcast.

We’ll find some great details

As we talk, details and themes will emerge. We’ll discuss their relevance to your content and how you can seamlessly work them into your message. We’ll talk about using what’s good and shelving what’s clutter.

We’ll poke and prod some more

I’ll ask for more details and description. It usually takes an outside observer to really dig deep and to latch onto ideas you’d otherwise pass by.

We’ll do some co-writing

I’ll help you figure out how to use those details — things like how to set up a good hook and capture the reader’s attention, how to use an anecdote so it moves your narrative forward instead of bogging it down, and identifying how certain nuggets can be connected to your message.

You’ll realize how great your story is

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve traveled the world or never left your hometown, your story matters … and it can serve others. When we’re done, you’ll understand how others can relate to your experience and why that’s important.

What’s my investment?

The price: just $297 — far less than if you had hired someone to write your content.

Who’s Karin, anyway?

Karin Crompton picHello! I’m Karin Crompton.

I worked in print journalism for more than 20 years, where I wrote about everything from peacocks on the loose to sports to local casualties of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I met hundreds (more like thousands) of people along the way, some in passing and others I got to know and befriend. That’s a lot of different personalities and a lot of interviews.

I LOVE listening to people’s stories and helping them figure out how to share them in ways they didn’t realize were possible. I promise you that you’ve got plenty to share. Or if you already knew that but your trouble is finding focus, we can figure it out.

So let’s talk!