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I’ve often cursed my luck at being a writer. Like, why couldn’t I be good at engineering?

Or my degree in English. Well, that experience was great and inspiring and I loved it … now how do I pay my rent?

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It’s why a lot of creative types fall under the Financial Archetype referred to as The Innocent in Brent Kessel’s book, “It’s Not About the Money.”

Kessel outlines eight financial archetypes, with The Innocent being the one that is often confused by money or has trouble making and/or holding onto it.

“There are millions of people who feel stranded in our present-day economic system because the areas in which they’re naturally gifted are not financially rewarding,” Kessel writes.

Innocents aren’t necessarily opposed to money (as another archetype, the Idealist, tends to be), but they often have trouble with it. And they want more in order to make ends meet, “but they often have different passions and skills than those valued by the financial system.”

Sound familiar?

If so, it’s probably time to shift our thinking on this. You can read the book to learn more about the financial archetypes and how how to achieve abundance regardless of which one(s) you are. Or for a few quick laughs (hopefully), you can also check out my post on 11 GIFs all Writers Will Understand.

Meanwhile, gratitude is a great place to start. It redirects our thoughts and, if we want to get woo-woo about it, raises our frequency. It forces us to focus on what’s working rather than what isn’t. And don’t we want to send out vibes of gratitude and abundance for this crazy writer life, rather than messages of lack or even despair? What we focus on, grows.

So let’s go for it! Here are Gratitude Prompts for Writers: Please share your thoughts below!