Do you struggle to tell your story?

You know it’s important for you to connect with readers, but you’re not sure how.

You’ve done everything you can think of to build community, whatever that means. You post to social media and publish content and send out insanely consistent newsletters, but … crickets.

You have expertise. You’re motivated. You know your sh*t.

But no one cares how much you know, amiright? They want to know how much you care.

Don’t worry, we’re not going soft around here. (Unless that’s your image.)

It’s just that, your story matters. It’s powerful. When you share bits of yourself and do it effectively, you’ve set yourself apart.

Your story, your narrative, is how you engage your audience. It’s what distinguishes you from everyone else doing that thing you’re doing.

I get it. You’ve got a ton of great ideas, but sometimes it’s hard to put them into words.

It’s time to unlock those stories. But how?

Keep It Simple, Silly!

Let’s break it down…

Our personal stories can be fascinating, can’t they? Our journeys and our lessons, the ways we sometimes feel so alone before realizing that this is exactly the journey everyone else is on, too.

But that can be hard to put into words. And it can also be difficult to know when it’s appropriate to share, and in how much detail.

Here are some ways I can help and what you’ll find on my site:

  • Receive writing and editing tips.
  • Read about language and mindset. Writing can be a big head game; we’ll explore that.
  • Read compelling stories.

A little more about Me

Hi! I’m Karin Crompton…

Once upon a time, I was a reporter. I wrote for newspapers, and I did it for almost 20 years.

And as much as I enjoyed meeting people and telling their stories, I always felt pulled toward something else. Something that was mine.

I wanted my own business.

So I did it. Repeatedly. Sometimes I succeeded, and sometimes I failed spectacularly.

I did freelance writing, network marketing, flipped houses, sold on eBay, sold on Amazon … created a website.

This one started out as “2 Favorite Parts.” I wanted to work mindset into my message and named my website after a nightly bedtime ritual my son and I had, when we’d say what our two favorite parts of the day were.

But that wound up scattered and I was forcing things. I did meet some great people along the way, however, and soon learned that I really love working with people to help them tell their stories. I learned that what I take for granted, after years of doing it, does not come naturally to others.

And I discovered how thrilling it is to see someone else light up when they see their story on the page in a way they never thought possible.

As a reporter, I did thousands of interviews and wrote hundreds of stories. And great stories are everywhere. I enjoyed covering a small town and its cast of characters as much as any large event. And whether famous or unknown, people are strikingly similar.

I’ve been privileged to gain that kind of insight first-hand, and it helps me coach others because I know from experience and in my soul how compelling every person’s life is. Sometimes we just don’t know how to communicate that, but it’s in there.

I believe we should all follow our curiosity and see where it takes us. And that we should tell stories.

So let’s get to it! Welcome, and enjoy.

Fun Facts

“Fun Facts” are a cool way to get to know someone a little better and add some personality to the photos on the site. So here are some about me. 🙂

  1. I have a dog and 2 cats.
  2. I can juggle.
  3. I started my career as a sports writer and have been in the Red Sox and Yankees locker rooms (scary as hell).
  4. I’m extremely shy but a lot of people don’t believe it.
  5. I went to Haiti two weeks after the earthquake in 2010 and have wanted to return ever since.
  6. I made up a newspaper as a kid and wrote an op-ed declaring that we should have pancakes for breakfast every day. #RealNews
  7. I played high school softball for my mother and we went undefeated and won a state title my freshman year.
  8. I think Nutella is totally overrated.
  9. Ditto for the beach. (Give me mountains and deserts and canyons.)
  10. I am deathly afraid of spiders.
  11. I have dance parties with my son, Daniel, whenever possible.

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